K9 Misfits boarding is a small, private facility located on 20 acres in Sherwood Park. (Not located at the training facility address below!)  Dogs spend time in large pens, walking the property, playing with friends or swimming in the spring fed pond. We have limited availability and many of our clients book months in advance.  Our staff is trained in behaviour and science-based, non-force methods.  We do not use: shaker cans, spray bottles, choke chains, prong or electronic collars. We do not pin dogs, hit or kick dogs.  Dogs enjoy time with lots of safe, kind interaction and appropriate play if they are able.  We do our very best to make their stay really comfortable using lots of high-value food and teaching them how to be comfortable working with us.

  • Dogs MUST enjoy staying in a kennel. If they are not comfortable staying in a kennel, we cannot help you, (puppies excluded of course!).  If your dog has not been trained positively to love their kennel, your dog will be stressed during boarding.  This could cause injury to themselves or our facility. 
  • We do not take fence climbers or jumpers, dogs with extreme anxiety being away from people or extreme diggers.
  • For the safety of our staff and animals, dogs that have punctured another dog and/or animal and/or person MUST have a private consultation prior to booking any boarding.

*It is important that you are honest. We work with some of the toughest dogs in Alberta.  Risking our family and animals and our livelihood is not something anyone should do!

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