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Work with an Applied Dog Behaviour Consultant & Trainer or K9 Misfit Trainers to have the ULTIMATE learning experience. 

K9 Misfits has A LOT of staff dogs, trainers and mentoring students to help you and your dog learn.  Not to mention science based, force free education and a wealth of experience!

The advantages of group training…

  • The ability to work in a safe, distracted environment.
  • You and your dog work surrounded by those who have similar issues.
  • Your dog can start to generalize your in home commands in other environments.
  • You can ask questions and gets hands on assistance, immediately!

We have a new, rubber flooring, bright and spacious, 5000 sq. ft. location!

*NEW* 5000 square foot training centre: 5708 125 Ave NW, EDMONTON

COST: Classes are $210.00 + GST, repeat classes are $110.00 + GST (Repeat Agility classes not applicable)

LENGTH: Classes run for 6 weeks, one hour per week on the same day.

*We do run classes on statutory holidays and will only reschedule a class for emergency or extreme weather.

Our staff trainers are amazing!  See their bio’s here! Training Staff

All of our staff are updated on disease prevention and strict cleaning protocols.  We use veterinary grade cleaners in our NEW LOCATION!  Please speak to your veterinarian about disease risks for group training.

As we are educated in behaviour and training, we know the risks to young dogs and their critical socialization periods.  Many puppies are admitted to shelters and rescues due to behaviour issues versus illness.

We highly recommend at least two sets of vaccines, two weeks prior to class start.  Disease is in every environment and no training center can 100% guarantee that disease is not present.  We can assure you that at K9 Misfits, we take disease management very seriously!  All of our trainers, regularly bring our dogs to train or assist in all of our training centres.  (We wouldn’t risk our own dogs’ health, and are confident in our cleaning protocols.)

Please read our waiver before you start. K9M WAIVER

Thank you for choosing one the most progressive behaviour and training teams! Your journey with your dogs should be educational, fun and progressive.