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Meet the K9 Misfits!

In order of who has been a Misfit the longest    (Don’t even ask who my favorite is!)

IMG_3874 (2)



Matilda “Tildy”: 2005 Greyhound/Doberman X.  Adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) with severe medical issues due to ‘backyard breeding’.  Matilda has been to several events representing herself as alumni of the Edmonton Humane Society and is skilled at helping dogs to respect space.  She was diagnosed with Leukemia in late 2013.







Sophie Snapdragon


Sophie Snapdragon “Bug”:  2007 Shiba Inu/Pomeranian/Jack Russell/Cocker X. Adopted from the EHS arriving in the premier California Cutie program.  She became the first ‘small’ behavior modification dog for puncturing the CEO. “Does anyone want to foster this cutie?” Her innate fear required months of behaviour modification so she became a permanent fixture on the K9 Misfts team.





Miss Kricket....loves the shoes!



Kricket “Krickety-Crack”: 2009 Am.Staff/French Bulldog/Corgi/Dasch. X. adopted from the EHS. Kricket was sent to Bilinda for behavior modification with severe medical issues. She is highly allergic to protein and is dog selective. She is a master scent hound and clown! She has very high prey drive and has come a long way in controlling her impulses.








Guinness “Guinny”:  2012 Boston Terrier adopted from the EHS. He is K9 Misfits, practically perfect, golden child. Bilinda never knew how easy a nice dog was.  He does have a tendency for PICA but it is well managed.  He is the most comical dog you will meet at K9 Misfits. He has just started his agility career and is working on focus in the competition arena.








Shine:  2009 Whippet. Obtained from a breeder in Ontario due to another family personal issue.  When she came to K9 Misfits, she was the most determined counter surfer we had ever met.  90% gone!  She is quite sensitive with training and can scare easily. Her recall has become amazing.








Hennessy “Mama Henny”: 2011 Pit Bull, adopted from the EHS.  She was admitted to the shelter with 7, 8 day old puppies and very aggressive towards people. Her past information stated that the owners trained her on a prong collar and she had bitten a few people.  Bilinda took her and her litter of 7 home in order to decrease the fear levels and provide proper socialization and behavior modification.  All the puppies were adopted and Henny has come a long way in greeting people and letting them handle her. She is not a candidate for regular adoption so she will stay with the K9 Misfits.







Wink: 2013 Whippet. Obtained from a breeder in Ontario.  Wink is the diva amongst divas.  Sometimes you catch her looking at herself in the mirror. She has big plans to play agility and lure course!  Wink has been working on her skills for the future since 8 weeks of age.






Metro Man


Metro Man:  2013 Border Collie/Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Bred for sport and by far the thickest coat of all the K9 Misfits.  We cannot wait to see how far he goes in agility.





Dearly Missed Misfits

Whippets & Greyhounds from the past: Dash, Sabrina, Blue, Matthew, Loreli, Diamond and Thomas.

Pitbulls: Kate & Otto.