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Tools for success

    • Baskerville Muzzle: For fearful or aggressive dogs during behavior modification. These muzzles are very hard for the dog to get off (when fitted properly) and allow the dog to pant, drink and take treats.  They are quite flexible and comfortable.
    • Easy Walk Harness: Great harness for some types of dogs that pull. The harness attaches in the front of the dogs chest. When they pull they are knocked off balance and choose not too. Another great tool while you are learning deference and how to loose leash walk.
    • Treat Pouch:  We prefer the ones that snap shut like these from premier.  If you have  treat hound, they can quickly get into your pocket when you least expect it!
    • Halti/HOLT/Opti Fit Head Harness: All the same company with a few versions.  Very good for strong dogs while you are learning deference and how to loose leash walk. These fit like a halter on a horse. Where the head moves, the body follows. They also have calming properties as they rest around the muzzle and behind the ears.
    • Sighthound collar:  Designed to stay on long necked dogs and due to their thickness they do not cause extra stress on the neck.
    • Martingale collar: We only use these collars as a safety measure.  When fitted correctly, they will close and not slip over the dogs head.  They are not used as a choke style of collar.  (Sophie Snapdragon is a master of getting out of collars and harnesses because her head is smaller than her neck!)
    • Quick release collar: These collars should be used while your dog is playing. If you have ever seen a dog get its tooth caught in another dogs collar, you will want to release the collar quickly!  Dogs can suffocate fast if you cannot get the collar off.
    • Thundershirt: This shirt is based on the premise of Posture Facilitated Relaxation (PFR). If you have an anxious dog or a super excited dog, wrap one of these on and help the brain to relax!
    • Clicker: This tool is a marker. Your dog will learn faster when you use this marker versus your voice. Ask us more about why it works so well!
    • Leashes and long lines: Flexi leashes NEED NOT APPLY.  Various length of leads help you to practice your recall.
    • Chilly Coats:  Canadian made and very durable for all types of dog. They have several styles and the K9 Misfits have been using them for 10 years.Mama Henny says, "Which one will fit me?"
      Mama Henny says, “Which one will fit me?”


    Become a K9 Misfits member today to watch a video on collars, harnesses, vests and more. This video includes use and fit of the products to help you make the best choice for your canine.