Bilinda Wagner is the owner of K9 Misfits. Originally from Ontario, she has been working with dogs and horses for over 35 years. She grew up in Ontario and has lived in Alberta since 1999. She currently shares her life with twelve dogs and five horses.  

Bilinda worked at the Edmonton Humane Society for ten years managing operations and then focusing on behaviour and training for the public.  As Operations Manager she was a major influence in advancing the shelter in disease management, adoption/admitting procedures, human resources, wage reviews as well as training staff to become more independent and represent the shelter with powerful messaging and science based education.  In 2009 she changed roles and created a new position that was desperately needed at the new building. As the manager of the Canine Enrichment Centre, this role allowed her to create all of the behaviour programs, the Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM) course as well as lecturing, training and providing behaviour consultations to the public.

In her career, she has been fortunate to earn many awards and is honoured to have been recognized for her efforts with the animals during Hurricane Katrina and Rita, featured on Alberta Prime time and featured in Animal sheltering magazine. She was a member of the City of Edmonton’s Animal Control Advisory board and members in the CKC, CAPPDT as well as ALCA and AADC.

She now operates K9 Misfits, a behaviour and dog training company dedicated to the “Science of Connection”. She offers private consultations, board and train as well as group classes and play-care. She also takes on select students in a behaviour based mentorship training program.


Bilinda is proud to not only be a trainer but also a behaviour consultant, lecturer and proud mentor to many students.  She has completed her Applied Canine Behaviour Consultant (ADBC) studies with honours, as well as holding memberships in the CKC and CAPPDT.  She used to breed whippets in Ontario and has shown in CKC lure coursing, (champion dogs) and agility (working goal!) She is a certified Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator and assists many Veterinarians, rescue groups and shelters with her knowledge and behaviour modification programs. In 2016, she and her husband have started TaraKru breeding where the focus is on quality, behaviourally sound whippets.



She believes that training and education are an integral part of bringing the most updated information to you, the client and dog lover. She has attended several clinics and sessions with some of the best behaviourists in the country including Dr. Sophia Yin, Pamela Reid, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Rebecca Ledger, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Kelly Gorman. Aimee Sadler and more.  She created Canada's only Pit Bull specific class and in 2012 she was honoured to be a large part of the removal of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Edmonton.  Her current courses include: Dr. Susan Friedman, Phd , Living and Learning with Animals (graduate), in addition to her local 2 day lecture.  Also courses with Dr. Karen Overall, Michael Shikashio, Grisha Stewart and more!

Although anecdotes and human terms are sometimes used to describe dog behaviour, she endeavors to help clients to understand the science of animals and how they actually think and learn.  Each and every animal is unique as well as the 'two-legged human' that works with them.  Behaviours are created by many things and it is important that you have someone working with you that understands the emotional and psychological dog as well as training methodology.  Working with people is an integral part of the successful outcome.

She does not use or recommend pinch, prong or shock collars, nor does she teach you to alpha roll, pin or kick your dog.  You will not be given a can of pennies or a bag of chains to throw at your dog to interrupt a behavior.  She will teach you to understand how you can modify behaviour and have the dog you love to be seen with.

Good luck on starting your new understanding of our clever canines.  Your dog will love who you become!


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