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Doorbell Games!

Hello K9 Misfit Members!

With festivities like Halloween, Christmas and the New Year, the doorbell becomes a place of high excitement for your dogs and frustration for the owners. Start re-training their brain NOW for a better response at the door.


  • Use their meals to practice your basic commands 2x a day!
  • Remember: Don’t tell your dog what you don’t want, teach them what you do want!
  • Your dog should choose the better behaviour based on your reinforcement in many different environments and scenarios.Guinness and the Headless Horseman
  • It is NOT about the doorbell…it is about excitement regardless of the stimulus.
  • Unless you are very gifted in timing and training, work only one dog at a time before adding multiple dogs to the scenario. Start with the instigator!

Here is the first video for you…ENJOY!


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